Hey there! We’re so glad you stopped by. So, you’re interested in volunteering? Awesome! Kids like you make such a difference in our community. And we need your help!

Below are some suggestions for what you can do in June or July. Be sure to check back each month for more ideas on how you can help!

Host a Lemonade Stand

Step One: Pick a Charity and Learn About It
Who is it? What do they do? How do they help people in our community?

Step Two: Choose a Location
Will you set up on the front porch? Near the sidewalk? In a park?

Step Three: Plan Out Your Stand
What table will you use? Make signs that tell customers about the organization you chose and why it is important to you.

Step Four: Choose the Best Time to Set Up
Maybe after work when people are coming home? On a Saturday morning? When do you think the most people will see your stand.

Step Five: Choose Your Price
Make the price match the cup. Big cups = Bigger Price, Little Cups = Smaller Price

Step Five: Collect Up Your supplies
You’ll need cups and lemonade, of course! Napkins might be nice too.

Step Six: Host Your Lemonade Stand.
Take Pictures. Then deliver the money you raised to your organization.

Have fun!

Collect Unused School Supplies

Step One: Design a flyer and Spread the Word

Step Two: Set Up a Location at School and Get Your Friends to Help You Collect Donations

Step Three: Say Thank You. Provide stickers that say “I Donated” or some other take-a-way so those who donate are recognized.

Step Four: Deliver Your Supplies to organizations like Community Bridges or CREATE Arts Center

Host a Sunscreen & Deodorant Drive

Step One: Create Flyers and Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Step Two: Decide Where and For How Long You Will Collect These Items?
Can people drop off on your porch? Will you pick up items? Will you set up a box at your local church or business?

Step Three: Deliver Your Items to organizations that collect Sunscreen and Deodorant like Shepherd’s Table or DC Diaper Bank.

Send us your pictures and let us know how you served our community this month. We love hearing from you!

For more ideas, suggestions or to share your experience, email Heather@SilverSpringCares.org.